Writing centers my soul. Writing is an essential element of my life.  It’s not the writing that is essential, it’s the centering. I used to think the opposite. In any event, I will post an essay here from time to time, in a sub-entry of this page.

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5 Responses to Writing

  1. Elbert K. Hollingsworth says:

    Dear Marahm,

    I am an English language-acquisition specialist with a Master’s degree in Education/Administration-Supervision: I am fluent in English and Spanish. I was offered a lucrative teaching position from Jubail Industrial College Saudi Arabia.

    I wanted to know how Saudis treat American English professors. I would like to teach and to retire in the Kingdom; however, I do not want to be a pariah in their society. I have lived all over the world, but I have not lived in an Islamic country. I am an open minded individual, and I am cordial to all people. Please, help me with my decision…


    Elbert K. Hollingsworth M.A Ed.

  2. Marahm says:

    Hello, Elbert, welcome to the blog, and thank you for writing. I hope you accept the position in Jubail; I’m sure you’ll do fine there, but you are wise in seeking advice.

    Saudi Arabia has its unique challenges and rewards. I have not known any English professors there, so I cannot speak to how they are treated, but I expect that they are valued and treated well. Also, the atmosphere in the Kingdom has changed since I lived there. I refer you to a few blogs written by people who are living there now.

    American Bedu and Susie’s Big Adventure, both on my blogroll, have a lot of excellent information and descriptions of day to day life for an expat in the Kingdom. However, these blogs are written from a woman’s perspective. You’ll want to find men who are in the same circumstances you are, and take information from them.

    You’ll not be a pariah in their country; a large portion of the population consists of expats from many countries. Saudis are accustomed to guest workers.

    As for retiring in the Kingdom, I doubt you’ll be able to do that. Expats need Saudi sponsors, which, in your case, will be your employer. Once you resign from your position, you’ll have to leave the country.

  3. Beautifully said! I believe each of us has a unique experience while writing. Because when words take form in our brains and work their way down to our fingertips to become concrete entities in the world, be it on computer screen or on paper, they become so much more than words. If we truly write, and we believe in what we’ve written and the power wielded by the word, then a small part of our souls and hearts are embedded in our writing. And that is why we have those experiences – be it centering, or release, or discovery, or self-wroth, or any emotion – because we’re allowing the world to share in an essential part of us. They leave us exposed, yet liberated.

  4. Marahm says:

    “…exposed, yet liberated.” Ironic, but true!

    Thanks for your enthusiastic comment! Writing is more important than most people realize. You’ve reminded me of another essay I wanted to post in this section, but have forgotten. I’ll dig it out, dust it off, and post it soon, because its message is timeless.

  5. Nadia says:

    Hey, i really liked your post on music , i love music ( and i am muslim) but i was wondering if you have heard of boyce avenue ….you are from america? they are a band from florida , thought you may like them 😛

    thanks for the blog/post hope to read more some time soon

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