Nothing is Forever


 April 18, 2008

This blog is nearly three months old, and I’ve noticed many readers gravitate toward this page, “Who is Marahm?” I must confess, I do the same thing on other blogs. When I read an interesting post, I want to know more about the person who wrote it, and I am disappointed when the author is vague or downright stingy in telling the reader what the reader wants to know.

I’ve also realized that an “about” page should not remain petrified in cyberspace. People change. The person who writes an “about” page is not the same person who continues to maintain the blog over time. Already, within the six weeks of my blog’s existence, my life has changed dramatically; I am no longer a primary caretaker for my father. I am a daughter mourning his passing. This change is reflected in my writing.

Therefore, I will update this page from time to time, not only for readers, but for myself, to remind myself that, “Nothing is forever,” as my father used to say during the months before his passing.

2 Responses to Nothing is Forever

  1. Brandon M says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to admit that my blog probably does not say much about me nor are my posts really interesting….it’s more of a journal for me, but anyway I am knew to your blog, I hope I am not too intrusive but where do you stand on ideals involving science, religion, politics, meaning of life, love, etc etc?

  2. Marahm says:

    My blog started out more as a journal to gather my memories of life in Saudi Arabia, but I quickly became involved in everyone else’s lives!

    Your question is not at all intrusive; actually, blogging is one of the best ways to examine these very important issues honestly, and to hear perspectives from people in countries you never considered.

    Ideals…Oh, you have asked a question to which entire posts should be dedicated, lengthy and thoughtful posts. Little by little…but now I want to have a look at your blog.

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