Marahm is…

Marahm is now retired! Never again does she need to work for money. Never again does she have to put her life on hold while she goes to a job for eight hours a day! She is very happy.

Marahm is…

now a photographer. 

I’ve returned to an earlier passion. Thirty years ago I took photos, and I learned all about how to combine aperature with shutter speed and film speed, and how to use filters (over lenses, not on personal computers, which did not exist then). I learned how to process black and white in a darkroom.

Digital photograpy, compared to the old-fashioned kind, is like Arabic language compared to English. There is no end to the depth of choices and changes one can make to take a photo to its ultimate perfection, or to turn it into another photo altogether.

So now, I put photography next to writing as a primary artistic medium. I’ve added this post because photography is now an integral part of my life, and integral parts belong here, under the parent page, Who is Marahm?.

1 Response to Marahm is…

  1. Safiyyah says:

    Salaams Dear:

    How’s the new camera coming along? Also, have you found any new digital art toys? 🙂

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