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Fun Photo Art

  This photo started out as my infant grandson in the bathtub. It was a cute photo but with one major flaw —his pose did not conform to Islamic standards of modesty. I had to camoflauge things.          

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Tagged: Bedroom Art

Tagged: Bedroom Art imuslim tagged me: http://imuslim.tv/2009/03/08/bedroom-art/ Here are my bedroom shots, but I must confess, the photos look better than the real thing! These peacock feathers came from a cousin who keeps peacocks and llamas on her farm. I’ve … Continue reading

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Amazing Circles and Other Oddities

Amazing Circles and Other Oddities Several of my readers, most recently ~W~ and Safiyyah, have asked me how I make my circles and other creative images.  Honestly, I do not know. I can tell you how to start, but you … Continue reading

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Tornado– Up Close and Personal

 Tornado– Up  Close and Personal Our neighborhood looked like a junk yard, with trees and branches strewn about, splinters poking up at odd angles. stones and leaves and underbrush underfoot and across the roads. These are just a few of … Continue reading

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Creative Photography

  Creative Photography Recently I bought a new camera.  While learning how to use it I took dozens of photos that were out of focus, badly composed, underexposed, and not worthy of holding  space on my hard drive. I deleted … Continue reading

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Definition of a Photograph

 A photograph is like a particle of time. It is an instant within an existence, a stolen second along a continuum that was never meant to be disrupted. It is silence within sound, equilibrium within vertigo. form without function. It is ultimately a … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

Spring, and inspiration from http://www.uniquemuslimah.wordpress.com  has encouraged me to continue the project I started recently, the project of removing clutter from my bedroom, in order to create a serene space.  This morning I tackled the three boxes of photographs that have … Continue reading

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