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Book Review: Love, Insha Allah

Book Review: Love, Insha Allah The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women Though Islam is growing in America, one bumps up constantly against ubiquitous incompatibilities between Islam and Western culture. Nowhere is this incompatibility more prominent than in an … Continue reading

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Sweet Hasan, and Why I Work

A few weeks ago, while visiting my grandson, he said, “Stay with me, Gramma. Don’t go to work tomorrow.” “I have to go to work,” I replied. “I’d love to stay with you, but tomorrow is a work day, and … Continue reading

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Christmas Commentary

Christmas Commentary Many of us grew up celebrating Christmas, and some of us still celebrate. I often wonder how people feel about Christmas, once they have discovered its antithesis– loss, despair, alienation, anxiety, and grief. Yesterday my family celebrated Christmas … Continue reading

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Father’s Day in the USA

First Father’s Day Without my Papa¬† Since I can no longer express my love and appreciation for him directly to him, I’ll do it here. The following poem epitomizes my father’s lifelong attitude, a guiding principle that he applied to … Continue reading

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