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Image Transformation

July 10, 2010 I’ve done several thousands of creative transformations of ordinary photos, but I never get tired of making them.  They live squarely at the center of my metaphorical Riyadh.These days, I am experimenting with combining two or more … Continue reading

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Tagged: Bedroom Art

Tagged: Bedroom Art imuslim tagged me: Here are my bedroom shots, but I must confess, the photos look better than the real thing! These peacock feathers came from a cousin who keeps peacocks and llamas on her farm. I’ve … Continue reading

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Amazing Circles and Other Oddities

Amazing Circles and Other Oddities Several of my readers, most recently ~W~ and Safiyyah, have asked me how I make my circles and other creative images.  Honestly, I do not know. I can tell you how to start, but you … Continue reading

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Days at the Lake

Days at the Lake The lake environment is unlike anything one sees in the Middle East, except perhaps for the tawny ridges of sand at the shoreline. Here in the American Mid-West, hundreds of lakes and trees and wildlife characterize … Continue reading

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Tornado– Up Close and Personal

 Tornado– Up  Close and Personal Our neighborhood looked like a junk yard, with trees and branches strewn about, splinters poking up at odd angles. stones and leaves and underbrush underfoot and across the roads. These are just a few of … Continue reading

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