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Do Not Lie to INS!

Fatma first entered the United States on a visitor’s visa late last year. She had recently gotten married in Jordan, and her husband had relocated to the United States after obtaining his “green card.”  At the time, I wondered why … Continue reading

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Are You Fasting?

“Are you fasting?” I hate that question. My friends in Riyadh used to ask each other that question all the time. The appropriate answer was, “Yes.”  An answer of, “No,” meant that the woman was menstruating or that she was … Continue reading

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Gaining Weight During Ramadan

Oh-oh! I’m about to suggest something no one wants to admit— that it’s easier to gain weight in Ramadan than during any other month of the year. Perhaps I should qualify that statement, for those readers who are quick to say, … Continue reading

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Fiscal Pain?

How many CEOs will feel the “pain” of lowering their yearly salaries by a million or two?  How many corporations will have to feel the “pain” of having to start paying taxes on their profits?  How many corporate jet pilots … Continue reading

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