WNFIN Results

Statistics for the WNFIN Project
Writing Nonfiction in November

This is the first year I’ve participated in any type of writing challenge, and I am satisfied with the results. I’ve produced the rough drafts for several essays worth more effort, and I’ve improved my sense of emotional balance. Rather than write sporadically, I’ve written regularly, even when I didn’t feel like it, except for five days, several of which found me totally upset with my son-in-law, and of two which found me at work unexpectedly during my usual writing time.

I joined the challenge on November fifth, therefore I had twenty-five days of participation. The statistics are as follows:

Total words written: 17071

Average: 683 words per day for the 25 days to which I committed
Actual average:  898 for the 19 days on which I actually wrote
Least amount of words a day: 237
Most amount of words a day: 3339
Goal:  50,000
Short of goal: 32929
Days needed to achieve goal at present rate: 48
Total days to goal: 73 (~.2.5 months)

This interesting experiment made me realize the necessity of commitment and good-old-fashioned will-power needed in order to be a writer while still in the midst of responsibilities. I learned my own rate of production. The fact that I fell profoundly short of the goal does not distress me at all, because the goal was not my own. My intention here was to do as much as I could, and even though I couldn’t do much, I did some good work.

I suppose I am ready to set a goal of my own. The goal would be to write consistently, at least twenty-five days per month, on the average of 500 words per day. I can do this. I will even craft essays worthy of posting to this blog and/or distributing elsewhere. The main goal of writing, however, is to open life’s door to deeper levels, and to position my soul closer to center.

About Marahm

At first glance, I may appear to be a middle-aged American woman with kids, grandkids, retired from a job in a hospital, gratefully relieved from the responsibilities that come with all of that. Behind the image, which is true enough, I am fairly unhinged from much of American mainstream living, having spent twelve years in Saudi Arabia, years that sprung me from societal and familial impositions, and narrow bands of truth. I have learned to embrace my identity as a seeker, an artist, and a writer. I study Arabic and Italian language, because I love them, and I love their people. I still dream of spending more time in the Middle East and Italy, though the dreaming now seems more real than the possibilities. I am a photographer. I write, and sometimes publish, flash memoir, and now a blog or two.
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7 Responses to WNFIN Results

  1. Nina Amir says:

    Congratulations on all you did get done! And congratulations on your new commitment to continue writing daily. Five hundred words a day will get you very far. Thanks for participating in WNFIN.

  2. Marahm says:

    Nina, thanks for your comment. I’m surprised and flattered that you found this post. You’ve won a new follower of the WNFIN event. Your other writing activities are interesting, too, especially your “Blog a Book” page. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. djd says:

    Perseverance is always key in accomplishing any large project.

    Are these writing efforts published?

  4. unsettledsoul says:

    Congrats! This is why I admire writers so much.. We think it is all fun and games but it takes real discipline to come up with words when no one is there to punish you for not writing, except yourself.

  5. WM says:

    Good work, Marahm.

  6. Safiyyah says:

    Salaams Dear

    I look forward to reading some of your essays!

  7. Marahm says:

    Thanks, all, for your words of encouragement; I am inspired.

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