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(One of My) Favorite Songs

From time to time, some of the blogs I read feature favorite music of the blogger. I’ve never done this, but since I’ve enjoyed it from others, I trust others will enjoy it from me. So here is one of … Continue reading

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Halibut Cheeks and the Interconnectedness of All

Last night, I ate halibut cheeks. I couldn’t have imagined that the cheeks of a fish would provide enough substance for a meal, but I hadn’t known that halibut is one of the largest fish in the ocean. It can … Continue reading

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Arabic Language, Again

Lately, I’ve been spending more time on the Natural Arabic website. I’ve been studying the vocabulary, taking the quizes, replaying the selections, and doing my best to put those new words into my long-term memory. It’s not working very well, … Continue reading

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Friday the Thirteenth

My cousin Dave, coming home for the last time: November 2009   Last November thirteenth fell on a Friday— Friday the Thirteenth. I had never felt superstitious about that day or about anything else, and I still don’t. Friday the … Continue reading

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WNFIN— Progress Commentary

Excerpt from the WNFIN challenge: Wednesday, November 10, 2010 ( 597 words Maybe my ambition to write  is nothing more than a diversionary tactic to romanticize my life now which is entirely devoid of romance. Maybe my desire to write … Continue reading

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Marahm Turns Sixty!

I am sixty years old today, and I am happy. I am happy because I’ve lived more than half my life, and I’ve been spared the worst of calamities, alhumdullilah. I’ve not been struck by the bulldozer of bad health … Continue reading

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Writing Nonfiction in November

For years, I’ve been aware of NaNoWriMo– the annual challenge for fiction writers to produce a fifty-thousand word manuscript during the month of November. I’ve always wanted to participate, except that I don’t write fiction. I encouraged Brandy Chase … Continue reading

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