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The Best of Both Worlds, Perhaps?

The Best of Both Worlds, Perhaps? Twenty years ago, handfuls Saudi university students started graduating with a B.S. in  Medical Technology. They came to KFSH for their clinical internship, and I was fortunate to have initiated a few of them … Continue reading

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WordPress vs. Blogger

WordPress vs. Blogger I use WordPress because of its ease and efficiency. Blogger offers more options for creative content, but I don’t have the patience to learn it. I can subscribe to other WordPress blogs, but not to Blogger blogs, … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever in Riyadh

Cabin Fever in Riyadh 0R Living in Riyadh Before the Internet My daughters have near-native fluency in English, but sometimes they ask me about phrases they’ve never heard, like “cabin fever”.  Last week, one of them asked me about this … Continue reading

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Music- Heavenly or Haram?

Some Muslims believe that music is haram– forbidden. They say it distracts a person from prayer and remembrance of Allah. Music hypnotizes, takes one away from ordinary reality. A Muslim could  be distracted from prayer by the delight of listening … Continue reading

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Easy Natural Arabic Article

For those of you subscribed to Natural Arabic,, this week’s article is particularly accessible. In other words, easier than usual. تفاصيل يوم رتيب في حياة عائلة مغربية (Details of a routine day in the life of a Moroccan family) For … Continue reading

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