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Image Transformations

From time to time, and by popular request, I will post “before” and “after” images. The mystery of transformation is as enticing as the final image itself, therefore I hesitate to spoil it! However, you are my friends, and will not … Continue reading

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Amazing Circles and Other Oddities

Amazing Circles and Other Oddities Several of my readers, most recently ~W~ and Safiyyah, have asked me how I make my circles and other creative images.  Honestly, I do not know. I can tell you how to start, but you … Continue reading

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My Playlist

Susie of Arabia shows a playlist on her blog with many of my favorite songs of the early seventies. Sometimes I get stuck there listening and reminiscing my youth!  Last night I added my own playlist to my blog. … Continue reading

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Conversation with Robert

Conversation with Robert My daughter Mai did not consider Robert a suitor– he was an acquaintance– so we were surprised when he made the effort to come for a visit while on leave from active duty in Iraq. Perhaps he … Continue reading

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My Whiff of War

On the morning of Jan. 16, 1991, my phone rang. The light of dawn had not yet entered my bedroom window. I answered on the second ring,  knowing what I’d hear. “The war has started! They’ve struck Baghdad!” The voice … Continue reading

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Gaza Commentary

Gaza Commentary The bloggers I read have either focused on Gaza, avoided the subject, or remained silent altogether. What can anyone say that hasn’t already been said? What can anyone do that shouldn’t have already been done by people in … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I was going to write a pessimistic post about the pain of 2008- I lost my father. Our vacation home suffered a tornado, I lost money in the stock market, and now we’ve already seen a record snowfall, with … Continue reading

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