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Another Fun Little Quiz

This is fun; I found it on Ruhsa’s blog, I am a Question Mark: What Punctuation Mark Are You?   You Are a Question Mark You seek knowledge and insight in every form possible. You love learning. And while you … Continue reading

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Christmas Commentary

Christmas Commentary Many of us grew up celebrating Christmas, and some of us still celebrate. I often wonder how people feel about Christmas, once they have discovered its antithesis– loss, despair, alienation, anxiety, and grief. Yesterday my family celebrated Christmas … Continue reading

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Where is Your Husband?

Where is Your Husband? During the second year of my residence in Riyadh, I made friends with an American woman married to a Saudi. She invited me to her home, and I was thrilled. Finally! I’d get a chance to … Continue reading

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A Downpour in the Desert –My Hajj Story

A Downpour in the Desert –My Hajj Story Most Hajj stories focus upon the sense of awe and inspiration that arise upon gathering in Mecca with thousands of Muslims from around the world, to perform one of the five pillars … Continue reading

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