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This is amazing, especially for those of us who have already done the Myers-Briggs test. I don’t know how this works, and it works in seconds. It made only one mistake here; all the Myers-Briggs and similar tests classify me as … Continue reading

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Of Plants and Planets

Of Plants and Planets Not all cultural surprises and misunderstandings make for amusing tales years later. Most children of ex-pats attend an international school, or private school with other ex-pat kids. My girls studied at the Saudi government school in … Continue reading

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Of Eggs and Brains

Of Eggs and Brains Egg whites burst with protein, and yolks carry fats and cholesterol. All my life, I’ve loved eating eggs, but recently I’ve taken to tossing the yolks, reluctantly, on the advice of my doctor. I started to think about … Continue reading

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