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Of Rosewater and Perfume

Of Rosewater and Perfume When I first arrived in the Kingdom in 1986 (as a hospital worker), I was afraid to leave the hospital grounds, for fear of getting into trouble with the local culture and the dreaded mutawah. The first two … Continue reading

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Multi-Lingual Family Life

Multi-Lingual Family Life An Entreaty From One Who Learned (the Hard Way) When a Western woman marries a Saudi man, and moves to Saudi Arabia, she is faced with a language barrier. Her MIL  likely will not speak much English. … Continue reading

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"Average Folks"

“Average Folks” A Commentary on the Candidacy of Sarah Palin Sarah Palin and her supporters think she represents “average folks.”  She tries hard to behave like “average folks”, as if being average were a desirable quality for a vice presidential … Continue reading

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