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Eid Mubarak!

  Eid Mubarak to all my friends, family and readers!

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Autumn in the Northwoods

Autumn in the Northwoods I spent four glorious days at our cottage in the Northwoods. The air, cool and bright, made for good walking, and the decrease in summer insects made everything downright comfortable.  The tornado damage has been fixed, … Continue reading

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A Rant and a Blog Break

A Rant and a Blog Break Maybe I heard too many “Afwan”s  in response to “Shukran”s. Maybe I am old-fashioned, or too sensitive, or too linguistically picky, but I hate hearing, “No problem,” in response to, “Thank you.” The best … Continue reading

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Women’s Liberation

  Women’s Liberation, aka Feminism (The following post- rant, perhaps- is focused upon life in America these days for women. It does feed into Islam, and connects to Middle Eastern values, I promise you.) Women’s Liberation– that’s what we called … Continue reading

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Where Are You?

Where Are You? All of you blogging buddies in Saudi Arabia have a nice chance to meet each other, especially in Ramadan. I started thinking that maybe one or two of you could be near me. I go between the … Continue reading

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Soup for Breakfast

Soup for Breakfast I must give credit to ~W~ for the lovely soup I made yesterday: I started with her recipe, but ended up with my own variation. I simply cannot stick to recipes, because I keep thinking, “Wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Fantasy Reigns

One of the interesting tourist attractions in the United States is the Renaissance Faire: Last weekend I joined my daughter and her family at the Bristol Renaissance Faire on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. It is a remarkable event, … Continue reading

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Ramadan, oh Ramadan!

Never do I miss my life in the Middle East more than in Ramadan! This year, for the first time, I have blogging buddies in various countries, who will help reinforce the spirit of Ramadan simply by contibuting to their … Continue reading

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