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Tornado– Up Close and Personal

 Tornado– Up  Close and Personal Our neighborhood looked like a junk yard, with trees and branches strewn about, splinters poking up at odd angles. stones and leaves and underbrush underfoot and across the roads. These are just a few of … Continue reading

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Tornado My family’s summer vacation home, on a large lake four hours drive from our main home, needs repair.  Last week a tornado tore through our small lane, ripping up trees and tossing them everywhere. Our property was damaged, but our neighbor’s … Continue reading

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Creative Photography

  Creative Photography Recently I bought a new camera.  While learning how to use it I took dozens of photos that were out of focus, badly composed, underexposed, and not worthy of holding  space on my hard drive. I deleted … Continue reading

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Sharing the Truth

One of my readers has engaged me in an interesting conversation about religion. You can read it on Your Page. I would like to take this conversation to other readers. I’d like to hear other viewpoints. This topic has been … Continue reading

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Do You Want to Know How I Got Rid of Them?

  “Do You Want to Know How I Got Rid of Them?” At first, I tried chemicals. Raid was readily available at the corner convenience store, in several formulas aimed at various vermin. Cockroaches weren’t the only pests in the … Continue reading

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