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  Alhumdullilah! My surgery was successful, as expected. Twenty-four hours later, I am much better, with very little pain, and able to type! Just before administering anesthetic, the anesthesiologist will ask the patient to imagine him/herself in a relaxing, happy … Continue reading

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Learning Tajweed, Part Two

  The class met every weekday after Asr prayer til Maghreb. Basically, it was a memorization class. The teacher would recite a phrase, and we’d repeat it in unison. When her sensitive ear perceived improper pronunciation, the offender was singled … Continue reading

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Learning Tajweed

Hijab, women’s rights, Islam, and East vs. West are subjects that never fail to stimulate a good, often repetitive, conversation. Learning Arabic is another such topic. I am tempted to repeat my laments about my failure to achieve fluency, and … Continue reading

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Diversity Sessions

fractal compliments of Susie of Arabia Like many large, American organizations, the one I work for recently decided that diversity in the workplace needs to be celebrated. We now attend semi-annual meetings for the purpose of learning to appreciate diversity. … Continue reading

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Great Tool

Windows Live Writer, has more and better features than Blogdesk for writing off line. More importantly for WordPress bloggers, it allows an easy upload of posts using different fonts and sizes than that puny, dull black script they give us as … Continue reading

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The Season Changes

  Finally, after a long and unpleasant winter, the first flowers of spring are up, and we are able to plant the small impatiens seedlings that will grow into large globes of blossoms by the end of August.  My mother has … Continue reading

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In The Lab

  At the microscope, I notice that the patient’s urine is alive with Trichomonas– a writhing, one-celled creature.  I glance at the computer screen.  She’s in the Emergency Room because of abdominal pain.  This is not an emergency, unless some … Continue reading

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                                Night Life    Hushed streets before dawn The doors of the mosque still closed Two cats pounce and play   ۞¤۞¤۞¤۞        

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