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That Small, Brown Bottle

   Maryam spent the first eight years of her life shuttling between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. When she was nine, I married her father– her birth mom was not active in our lives– thus becoming her step-mom, and so she … Continue reading

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Revert or Convert?

  In the early 1990s, I belonged a group of Muslim women, both ex-pats and Arabs, who gathered regularly to learn more about Islam and to socialize.  Several such groups existed, a few of which had been established formally in lovely villas for the express purpose of giving … Continue reading

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A Muttawa Story

  Sometimes the most repressive of circumstances call for the most creative ways of thinking. As an American woman, who had never heard of religious police, much less ever met one,  I hoped I’d never have the opportunity to tell the kind of story … Continue reading

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Introduction to Arabic

  Before going to Saudi Arabia for the first time in 1986, I bought an Arabic phrase book with a cassette. The words to be learned were written in  both transliteration and Arabic script. Even then, I ignored the transliteration. What … Continue reading

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Jet Lag

  The trip from my home in Riyadh to my home in the United States lasted nearly twenty-four hours, provided that none of the flights were delayed. Over the years, the number of connections decreased from four to two, but the hours … Continue reading

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    Thanks, Aafke, for encouraging me to have a little fun in spite of what is happening to my family.  Here is the meme: 1. Post these rules before presenting your list. 2. List 6 actions or achievements you think every … Continue reading

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Passing the Torch

My father is dying. The dying process began May 17, 2006– his first trip to the ER– and has accelerated during the last three months. My memories of Riyadh have grown insistent as his body has grown weak. Many an … Continue reading

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Living Authentically

  “Living authentically” is a catchphrase these days, but do you know what it means? I did not, until I pondered my friend’s comments regarding my “Return to Riyadh” dreams. She suggested that I had not been living authentically. What, … Continue reading

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Return to Riyadh

After I repatriated to the United States in 1998, I began dreaming about returning to Riyadh. These were night dreams, and they all had the same plot. In the dreams, I wanted– needed– to get back to Riyadh, but I couldn’t. … Continue reading

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Why a Blog?

Does the Internet need one more blog? No, but I do, and so does whoever wants to read what I write. Having developed a near addiction to other people’s blogs, I realized how deep and far the blogosphere extends. I want to jump … Continue reading

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